Professional Development

NKH’s Professional Development, Summer institute 2020
Start, June 30th

**The course start date has been moved to June 30th and will be fully online because of COVID-19**

Registration is now open! 

Register for the NKH PD course, Authentic Social Learning: An Inclusive Teaching Model to Support Diverse Learners in STEM, online at PDE3’s website. The course is set at 3 credits and will run through  September to allow teachers to implement their lesson plans.

The PD is a teacher course designed to help educators prepare for, implement, and discuss socially and culturally responsive problem-based learning. STEMD² offers strategies for teaching middle school math in the 21st century. The teacher needs to leave the pulpit at the front of the room and start facilitating learning in a student-centered environment that increases motivation, engagement, and success. The professional development course include practical strategies for working with the students in the classroom to help them learn.

PD 2.0 will introduce you to the Authentic Social Learning Model (ASLM), designed to be an easy-to-follow guide for teaching diverse 21st -century learners. This course is intended to provide you with new strategies and skills for teaching the students in today’s classroom, – known as iGen or GenZ, who learn differently from previous generations.